Prior to shipment, all of our transformers are routine tested in accordance with IEC, ANSI, JIS, or any International standards according to customer specifications.

All routine testing (which includes ratio test, polarity or vector group test, no load / iron loss test, exciting current test, load / copper loss test, impedance test, winding resistance measurement, applied voltage test, and induced voltage test) is performed in our plant using the most modern and accurate test and measurement equipment.

Temperature rise test and impulse strength tests are also available while short circuit withstands test and sound / noise level test are subcontracted to government electric lab research and facility center.

Our plant conforms to ISO 9001. Progressive stages of manufacturing (inclusive of incoming raw materials), assembly, testing and shipping are checked and documented as per our quality assurance manual accredited by SGS, All sub-suppliers and received components raw materials must conform to our quality assurance requirements.

Oil purifying proccess

Careful and thorough screening of our raw materials suppliers; a complex production schedule are implemented in the company has enable us to deliver our transformers on the day required.